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OurFamilyLinks.org - General Information

Welcome to our family's genealogy site
- we went "live" on 1 Aug 2008 -

Your webmaster/host is Chuck Filteau. Please feel free to contact us in regard to the people you find in our databases. The data contained herein has been compiled over many years on a best effort basis. While we believe the family links that we have made to be correct, you should always do your own independant validation to verify your own ancestry. The good news is: the great majority of information has sources attached to them. Unfortunately, we probably do have some errors. Sometimes the errors are mine - because I transcribed the information incorrectly; and sometimes the sources I used may have had incorrect or unreliable information. In any case, those errors will remain unless YOU contact us and give/suggest corrections. 
We WELCOME any additional information you care to share.

We are all related - cousins of one another.

The fact that you are visiting this site more than likely indicates that you are related to someone in one of our database. Please, DO send us pictures and family stories. We will be glad to post them.

You will find three different TREEs on the "inside"

     Because the ancestry of my wife's grandmother is French-Canadian, that branch of the family is completely covered in the Filteau tree; especially because some of her 17th century 
     ancestors are the same as mine -- which makes us 7th cousins!