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The Walker Family of Worthley Pond, Peru, Oxford county, Maine

NEW - links from Walker ancestors to US Presidents who are "cousins."    Presidents and their ancestors are tagged with (~) in their prefix.

The ancestry for Emelda Walker (wife of Charles E Filteau) is very interesting and complex. She was born in Connecticut, the daughter of Ellis Wilson Walker and Anna Belle Malley who came from Maine. And, of course, Maine is very close to the eastern provinces of Canada; where, in the early days, people freely moved back and forth across the borders!.

Malley marries Maillet in Rogersville, Northumberland, New Brunswick

The father of Anna Belle, William Stephen Malley , descended from Irish Catholics who had immigrated into New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island in the 1800's. Someday, we hope to discover the connection of these immigrant families into Ireland.
    Anna Belle's mother, Marie Louise Maillet, descended from French-speaking Catholics who had immigrated into Acadia (now know as Nova Scotia) in the mid-1600's.
    Because of that Acadian connection, it turns out that Emelda and her husband Chuck are actually seventh cousins. They are also ninth cousins and tenth cousins from other ancestors further back in time. And because of those relationships, the majority of Anna Belle Malley's maternal ancestors are documented in the Filteau tree instead of the Walker Tree.

The Walker family of Oxford county, Maine

More information will be added on the Walker family in the near future.

For now, let's just trace the ancestry to the immigrant, Captain Richard Walker, who established himself in Salem in 1629.

Speaking of Salem, the Walker family has two Salem Witches as ancestors:

American colonists, European royalty, medieval families,
William the Conqueror and Charlemagne, etc.

Ellis Wilson Walker , was raised on the homestead and family farm on Worthley Pond, Oxford county, Maine. He was descended from early English colonists who immigrated and settled in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Maine (when it was originally part of Massachusetts).
   Ellis Walker has several ancestors, following maternal links, who came on the MAYFLOWER as well as a few hundred more who immigrated to New England at a later time.
    Several well-known names in American history are revealed by taking a closer look at some of those Mayflower passengers:

Ellis also has links to English royalty through both parents: his mother and his paternal grandmother.

European Royalty

Once you have one (or more) members of the European Royalty as an ancestor, there are always links to still more -- because of the multiple intermarriages of the members of one ruling family with other ruling families.
    The Walker family from Worthley Pond is no different. Here are some examples from the various countries of Europe: England - William the Conqueror and Henry II ; France - Hugh Capet ; Spain - Theodorick I ; Portugal - Alfonso I Henriques ; Italy - Berengarius II ; Sicily - Roger II ; Hungary - Andrew I ; Norway - Olav II ; Sweden - Eric VIII ; Kiev - Sviatoslav .

The Barons, Knights, and other people of Note

For anyone who is a student of English history, there is plenty to look at within this database. Almost every person of high influence is mentioned. Many of the Barons who signed the Magna Charta are ancestors, as well as other "movers and shakers" of the English realm in the 12th to the 16th centuries.
Here is a very brief list of some of them: William FitzHugh , Gilbert de Clare , William Marshal , Saier de Quincy , Walter de Lacy , Thomas de Beauchamp.

Some other noteworthy (or interesting) ancestors

    The names of all persons, living or dead, have come from publicly available documents or have been given to me by family members. However, I will remove the factual data for any living person upon request.

So, what you find here is from a huge variety of sources (almost all of them fully documented).
    However, I must have a dislaimer that says I cannot fully guarantee the accuracy of the data. For example, I know I must have made a few errors in transcribing original data into my own gedcoms (e.g, a date may be wrong). I apologize for those accidental errors. Perhaps, in some cases, the original source for my data was incorrect. Unfortunately, until you contact us and tell us what is wrong and tell us how to correct it, it will remain "as is" in this database.
(*) is used as a tag in the prefix for anyone who is an ancestor of Chuck Filteau.
(#) is used as a tag in the prefix for anyone who is one of the ancestors of Emelda (Walker)

If you find your name here, please register.
    REGISTRATION, after approval, can allow you to see various facts of living individuals and make suggestions for changes to the various names in the tree. For your own family, you could even receive permission to allow you to directly update your family members - such as adding notes, event dates, and even pictures to each of the family members.

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